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6 Rules of skincare that stands the test of time

The secret to great skin health is a great skincare routine at home. Yet I find this is sometimes an area of great confusion. Here are my six rules to live by:
1. Practise your routine twice a day. In the morning, cleanse and tone (yes, do not miss this step), then apply serum, eye cream, moisturiser, SPF product, primer and finally foundation/tinted moisturiser.
In the evening (before dinner rather than just before bed) double cleanse and tone, then apply serum, eye cream and night cream.
2. Use two types of mask—one ‘giving’ and one ‘taking’—and apply them as your skin needs, but never less than once a week.
3. Exfoliate—the drier your skin, the less you should exfoliate. The reverse is true for oiler skin. Most people have normal skin and should therefore exfoliate once or twice a week.
4. When using a granular exfoliant, be careful that you don’t read ‘scrub’ as an instruction. Let the product do the work by moving the granules around in gentle circular actions. I also like to use damp fingertips to help lubricate my skin, but with not too much water, as it can tend to dissolve the medium carrying the granules.
5. Apply your eye cream before your moisturiser. This will ensure that you actually use your eye cream and don’t cheat by using your moisturiser, which was not created for the job.
6. Using a toner will save you money! Toners have been redeveloped over the past few decades and now work to bridge the gap between cleaning and absorbing treatments. If you use toner you will use less moisturiser and get far better results from your skincare routine.

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