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A Hairy Situation

So what is the easiest, fastest and best way to remove hair? Easy…..for who is it easy,fast and best?

Today I am going to discuss the pros and cons to the most common forms of hair removal. Perhaps the following will then make it easy for you to find the best method and get the tips to make the most of your preferred method.

SHAVING uses a blade to cut the hair shaft across the middle at skin level

The positive easy,fast, cheap. This method allows you to have total control on how much or little hair you want. It can be performed daily for silk smooth skin. The negative is re-growth is prickly, razors create micro cuts on the skin and you can cut more. Micro cuts open the skin for infection and inflammations. The tip majority of women shave without a proper medium and use only soap. To get a better shave and protect the skin use a shaving medium. The big tip DO NOT SHAVE WITH A BLUNT RAZOR.

DEPLITATORY CREAMS uses a cream to dissolve hair to the level of the skin

The positive easy, you can not cut the skin and less likely to miss hairs like shaving. The negativeis the creams can be irritating for some people, hair still grows back prickly. The tip test patch first before using. Apply a small amount to the inside of the elbow or knee and see if there is any unusual reactions.

WAXING(home) uses wax to grip the hair to pull out at the root

The positive less expensive to salon treatments, hair grows back mainly soft (poor waxing method can make this redundant) and gently exfoliates as well. The negative you have to have the courage to pull, poor method breaks the hair causing prickly re-growth, possible burning and messy. The tip always apply with the hair growth and pull against. To get excess wax off use an oil to remove wax.

WAXING (Salon) uses high quality wax to pull the hair out at the root

The positive smooth legs with soft re-growth, fast, long lasting (especially comparing to home remedies) and better quality waxes mean less pain and better results. The negative having to leave your home, more expensive. The tip not all waxes are the same and not all therapist are good. Cheap waxing usually means cheap results that are more painful and less effective.

INTENSE PULSE LIGHT LASER  uses pulse light to create a thermolysis (heat) to cauterize the hair bulb no longer giving it life

The positive  permanent hair reduction (almost nothing), smooth, no ingrown hair and you can shave between treatments so no regrowing between treatments. The negative more expensive, dodgy machines and operators. The industry at this time is still unregulated (in Australia). The tip look for American or German built machines be careful of the Chinese imports. The darker the hair the lighter the skin is best. Lighter hairs are now more treatable. Always do a test patch and a consultation. With laser you need to be careful of sun exposure so do not taken products that contain ibuprofen (pain killer) as it make you more photosensitive. Lastly do your research.

No matter which hair removal method you choose always exfoliate and moisturise the area for the best results. Hope this helps you be hair free and care free!