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** A Personal Review – What is new with our Dermalogica Treatments

A Personal Review 

We recently made some changes to our menu and in particular the Dermalogica treatments. Allow me to explain. The basic Dermalogica 60 Treatment that was once called the Signature treatment and more recently the ProSkin 60 due to technology improvements and the introduction of some very advanced formulations by Dermalogica made the treatment redundant and /or irrelevant. We always want to provide treatments that we know will deliver results and we can have confidence in. So this basic Dermalogica facial has been retired. Our new treatment offering is more closely aligned to the ProSkin Plus where we use elevated exfoliants, potent serums and masks that are high performance products.

What this means is with ALL our Dermalogica treatments we can confidently deliver unique results by meticulously tailoring the treatment to your individual needs, skin type and skin concerns utilising the highest potent formulas produced by Dermalogica 

We now offer
ProSkin Elevated Facial Treatments

75mins $200
60mins $160
30mins $100

I am confident that you will all enjoy the benefits of these treatments. If it has been a little while since you tried Dermalogica then I encourage you try, you will find yourself delighted and impressed.

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