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A Seasonal Suggestions

An Australian summer is not only hot—and boy, is it ever hot—but it is also the time we unwind, chillax and try to make life a little less complicated. It is the celebratory time of year that we want to look our best but we want to do that with minimal effort. Here are our best tips for looking fabulous this summer:
• Spray tans—You don’t have to damage your skin to get a golden glow. Spray tans are fun. They give colour and evenness to the skin—think of a spray tan as your own soft-focus filter.
• Tinting—Have your eyelashes and eyebrows tinted for a perfectly framed face that will take you from the pool to the bar. Adding that bit of colour makes you appear well groomed yet natural. Best of all, you won’t have those dreaded panda eyes after perspiring or swimming.
• Hydrating masks—We lose a lot of water from our skin through perspiration. It is important to replenish that moisture not only with your daily routine but also by regularly (once or twice a week) applying a hydrating mask.
• Pedicures—Our poor feet get so dry and hard from sweating and walking in thongs and sandals. A good pedicure minimises calluses, revitalises cuticles and freshens your toes with splashes of colour.

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