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How to add a little life to your years

It is so confusing out there! We are constantly bombarded with words, images and information, and just as much misinformation. How do you find your truth? Here is my truth and I hope it helps you to find yours.

I love this industry. I love helping people to feel more confident. For me, it has never been just about pampering or indulgence. Rather it has been about helping you to look your best … ah, there it is; that most loaded of statements!
My 28 years industry experience along with constant research and reading, has led me to believe in and adhere to a well-measured balance to treating the skin. I believe that a beautiful skin is a healthy skin and that a healthy skin is age undefinable. It is not about how young you look, it is about how good you look. Who wants a label and a number? I prefer some mystique. My goal is to have people say of me and my clients, ‘Wow! I have no idea what age she might be’.

When I first started in this industry, the emphasis was very much on adding to the skin—plumping and hydrating—partly because that was all that technology offered back then. Now the fashion is to take away from the skin, with ablative lasers, chemical peels, needling, vampire facials etc. I read up on all of these trends and treatments so I know what works and what doesn’t.

The Paddington Beauty Room’s treatment philosophy is about ‘adding life to the years’. By treating the skin with a conservative approach, we obtain results that last longer than more radical approaches. When treating your skin’s health and functionality we encourage youth and vitality. We don’t want to overstimulate the repair responses within the skin otherwise fatigue will result. Like the fight-or-flight response in our bodies, the same response in our skin can be advantageous.

We combine technically advanced skincare and massage techniques that affect your skin positively without overstimulating it. We tailor each treatment to your skin’s needs, even down to how far away the steamer is placed from your face. We recommend giving your skin boost treatments, just like boot camp for your skin. This is where peels are used to the best effect. It’s about shaking things up because doing the same thing all the time causes the skin’s responses to become lazy.

Here is the best bit: we can work with you. You do not have to choose between being treated by a dermatologist or a beauty specialist. Everything has its place and time.

Things your dermatologist may not have told you:
• We can’t treat you within 10 days of your having botox or fillers as the massage may move them. However, massage is an ideal treatment after that initial settling period to help activate the botox or fillers.
• If you have had ablative laser treatment or a chemical peel we cannot wax you for two weeks. It is not worth the risk of lifting the raw skin too early … think scarring.
• The better condition your skin is in, the better your dermatological treatments will work and last. Yes, dermatologists and beauty specialists are a team!

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