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Through the ages – in the fifties

>Fifties conjures up images of swing dresses and juke boxes. Professionally fifties means I will start to see thickening of the skin, age spots, lines and wrinkles, nail thickening and ridging. It is also a time that for female clients we have to address the effect of menopause.
Menopause effects appearance in many ways. Firstly we start seeing less lipids in the skin and that lack of oil on the skin changes the skins fresh butter appearance to a dull complexion. The simplest way to counteract this is to look for products that contain light reflecting qualities like gold. Oestrogen is one of the primary collagen and elastin stimulant and as the levels drop this effect the strength and durability of these fibres. You really need to find peptide rich firming products to take over the role of oestrogen.
During menopause the skin can become very fragile and temperamental. Not everyone is a ware of the change in sleeping patterns that can happen and how much this can stress the skin. Sleep is our body’s time to restore and repair. If the skin has not given enough time for this healing process it can trigger enzymatic communications within the skin that attack the skins structures. The hot flushes vulnerability. Ingredients that are anti-inflammatory and de-sensitizing like beta glucan and vitamin C are real heroes.
Men in their fifties will notice their skin thickening, wrinkles and drying out plus the addition of marks and spots caused by the sun. Men generally prefer lighter textures on their skin so I recommend to use AHA and BHA based products. I also highly recommend that you start using a neck cream as this is an area that can really give away a man’s years.
What I have observed about my clients who are in their fifties is their grounding and their life observations. The swings and roundabouts of life seem to knock them around less, I hope this gets better with age too. I love that fifties no longer means midlife crisis as they are way too young for that. In my younger years in the industry this is the age group that taught and influenced me the most. They made time to share their knowledge more readily than younger something I was and still am eternally grateful. My 50+ clients are the most vocally supportive of me and have often given me recognition at times that I really needed to hear it. Quite simply, THANK YOU.

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