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Through the ages – In my Forties

40 seems like a big number yet it does not seem to be how I feel. When I first hit forty I was not focused on the age as I was caught up celebrating my biggest birthday EVER, as I am born on the 29th February.  40 was more about having my 10th birthday. Then reality settled in as it does.

I need to say, so far I am loving my 40’s just can we give it another name? Maybe the awesome years!

As a beauty therapist treating age became very personal. I think the shift was the realization that as I managed to hit 40 then 80+ is looking highly likely. The choices I make now will have a direct influence on my later years. So I recruited a physio trainer to help me build strength and flexibility so I don’t get too doddering too early.

When I look in the mirror I already see that my dedicated skincare routine has already had an effect with very few expected signs of ageing visible. As they say prevention is worth a pound of cure. To fellow 40pluses it is time to change your skincare. It’s time to ramp up the technology it is now no longer about just moisturising, it is no longer about protection we need to start doing some repair work.

So the first signs of ageing appear around the eyes so time to re-evaluate your eye cream to one that refines lines and lifts the skin. The ageing signs on the rest of the face that we need to be hitting is the loss of firmness which softens the jawline and the smile lines that are the skin folding onto itself. Also it is the 40’s that sun damage starts to appear. Look for firming and tightening ingredients that help stimulate and protect collagen and elastin fibres. Peptides are a great way to achieve tighter skin. Also start looking for products that inhibit melanin and fade pigmentation. The change in pigmentation on skins from 40’s to 50’s can be quiet shocking. Let’s start early to avoid shock later.

Your forties is also a great time to re-look at how you do your make-up. Not changing lipstick colours regularly can be one of the most ageing things a woman can do. I highly recommend to have someone teach you to tweak your make-up. Besides not changing lipsticks the next most common mistake is doing some abridged version of what you did in your twenties. Not only has the fashion changed so has your face. A great make-up artist can teach tips on keeping your appearance youthful by showing you how to do your eyebrows and eyeliner etc. Also try and avoid matte lipsticks they can make a lip look very dry and this is very ageing. The formulation of lipsticks have greatly improved and can truly offer long lasting wear with out going matte.

For me my forties has also been about that internal conflict of  I don’t know if I have achieved what I thought I would by now  with the realisation of looking back and being proud of what I have achieved. How do these thoughts that are polar opposites sit all in my head?

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