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Through the ages – seventies and up

I call her my poster child. I can promise you, you would never pick her age and you would be out by a long shot. I have also known her for over a decade and she has not changed a single iota. She wears her lines as smiles. Her skin is so radiant and plump that you would think she would have had some cosmetic surgery, which I know she has not.

My other skin heroine who is over 70 is the Queen. Besides the odd mishap with her make-up she looks great. (Sometimes she misses her brows with her pencil). Both these women are testament to long term grooming.

I read the recent interview with Dame Judy Dench who stated how she hates being asked when she is going to retire it made me realise this one of those stupid questions people ask like “why are you single?” How are you meant to really answer either of those questions? Why should she retire and give up doing what she loves because she is of a certain age. Why should she be told how old she is all the time, I think she would know better than most? Dame Judy you simply rock.

Women generally out live men and/or mobility can change and therefore touch and interaction between humans can dramatically reduce. Human touch can be very important for emotional health and connectivity to the world around us. This is where the role of a Beauty Therapist can evolve to more than grooming.

To be a sensational Seventy plusser, a jaw-dropping Octogenarian or just believe in getting better with age her are my tips:

Change your lipstick colour and be careful to avoid very matte. Matte lipstick can make older lips worse, youthful lips need a little dewiness.

Regular facials with therapeutic massage are your must haves. The best thing to be doing is feeding the skin with extra lipids and nutrients.

Look for products that have a warm buttery appearance. As we get older we lose the oil on our skin which gives that warm youthful glow. Ingredients like Gold Mica 24 are great warm light reflectors.

Believe in the science of skincare. Technology has greatly changed not only the ingredients but also the delivery systems and understanding of the skin and its processes. Ok it’s not a miracle, however it can deliver visible and noticeable changes to skin.  A healthy skin is a beautiful skin and a smile will always be the most attractive thing you put on a face. This is true of any age!

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