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Through the ages – in your sixties

So what does a woman in her forties know about being in her sixties, well let’s face it nothing!  What I do know is how inspiring woman in this age group are from international leaders like Michelle Bachelet, Angela Merkel and Princess Anne to screen sirens like Jane Seymour and Susan Sarandon. They have forged their own path and left opportunity as their legacy. They are all healthy, strong, intelligent and beautiful ambassadors.

I have a particular soft spot for this age group because the majority of women I started looking after when I started as a Beauty Therapist were in their mid 30’s. I have watched this generation influence our world and my perceptions of what growing old can mean.

Firstly lets all start growing old instead of getting old. Growing literally means “come into existence and develop”.

Secondly it is a time in life where grooming can really make you ageless or undefinable. Here are my tips to defy the clock at 60.

Start using a lip treatment that plumps the lips. (OK not salmon lip size) As we age our teeth push back and our lips then fall so using a lip stimulant can help keep lips full.

Start looking for those stray hairs and if you can’t see them ensure your Beauty Therapist is looking out for them. Places to check chin, lip and nostrils. It also can be time to trim eyebrow hairs as the influence of male hormones can really make them grow.

Regular manicures are a bit of a must. Thickened and ridged nails can be maintained and looked after allowing the nails too look far more youthful. It is wise to seek out well trained Manicurists/therapists versus the one stop nail bars. While on the topics of hands invest into some IPL treatments to treat age spots.

Start tinting your lashes if you don’t already. Hair tends to thin so tinting will thicken them and give you great colour from tip to the base. Be careful of plucking out grey/white hair from your brows as it can make them sparse and patchy. Trim them below the hairline so you keep the fullness and tint them or use any eyebrow mousse.

In your sixties can be the best time to swap from mechanical exfolliants to Acid base ones. AHA’s not only create a cell renewal they also can plump the skin which gives a lifting effect. Harsh mechanical exfolliants can take away too much of the skins natural lipids that are already less prevalent.

To all of you in your sixties, thank you, it was you that all gave me a chance 20 years ago and gave me the privilege of observing your journeys through life.


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