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Through the ages – in my teens

One of the most amazing things about becoming a beauty therapist was when I was young I discovered that I was not the only one………..who had hair on her toes, who had pimples or who was insecure about how I looked!
The things I learnt by being an under 20 year old beauty therapist.
I became a beauty therapist and realised the only conversation I had with my mother about grooming was books she had given me on applying make-up. As a teen I knew how to paint my nails and apply lipstick.
I remember as a 12 year old helping clean out my grandmother’s house after she passed away and stealing the razors from her bathroom. Subsequently in an attempt to rid my body of the horrors of hair on my legs, I took off several inches of valuable skin.
My first employer had a daughter the same age as myself and she had been waxing since hair appeared, oh I wish I had known to do that, she barely had hair at all as it never really established.
I learnt that having my lashes tinted meant that I could look great and not be caked in mascara or its matching make-up, to make myself sound old it was very age appropriate.
The greatest thing I am grateful for was learning the importance of sunscreen. As a woman in her early 40’s it has made a huge difference when I compare my skin to my friends and peers. Not only did I learn to apply sunscreen I learnt how to.
The basic rules for sunscreen every teen should know
1. Apply before leaving the house. The first 20mins after application the sunscreen is inactive.
2. To apply to your back put it on the back of your hands to rub in, if you don’t have someone else to do it for you.
My skin as a teenager improved with regular facials and good skincare. However: when I look at what is available now compared to then not just specific skincare for teens, the improvement of technology and ingredients to deal with teen’s particular problems, I am jealous.
Let’s really talk about teen skin and its challenges. Diet, stress and hormones are the big bad three. When I treat teen skin the goal is to create a healthy environment so the impact of these influence can be minimised or neutralised. The most common mistakes I see is over cleansing and exfoliating, the long term damage and lack of results make this a cautionary tale.
Cleansers should not make the skin feel stripped and tight. To cleanse properly I recommend to work in circular motions taking particular care in the nooks and crannies i.e. around the nostrils and behind the ears. Always use a cloth or cotton pads to remove the cleanser. There are facial cloths that don’t harbour bacteria that are the most ideal like the Dermalogica Sponge Cloth. A cloth is important as cleansing without it is like washing a frypan with just detergent and running water.
When treating teen acne the key elements to consider is skin health, anti-inflammatory agents, purification, and oil and bacteria control. There is of course the medical options which can be great however care needs to be taken. If choosing Anti-biotics the length of time on them needs to be considered. Taking Roaccutane thins the skin all over the body so be careful when playing sport etc as the skin can damage more easily. Also Roaccutane can cause depression so this needs to be monitored and discussed with a teen properly. As a therapist the best results I have personally seen can be from combination of treatments that address the big three diet, stress and hormones.
Myth buster – moisturiser don’t always contain oil and properly prescribed moisturiser is as important as cleansing.
5 things I would tell every teen
1. Cleanse, tone and moisturise with recommended skincare
2. Don’t squeeze! If you cannot resist then only with tissues wrapped around your fingers.
3. Don’t shape your own eyebrows get an expert
4. Use sunscreen
5. You are normal, you are not the only one!

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