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Through the ages in my twenties

Even though I would not want to be in my twenties again there are some elements of being in my twenties I miss. The devil may care cavalier attitude of my 20’s is something I wish I could embrace more often now that I am in my 40’s.
As a beauty therapist in my twenties I really started to form my own skin routine. I was very grateful for my routine as it kept my “meant to be there” youthful glow even after burning the candle at both ends. It was in my twenties that I finally embraced the notion of a toner. Yes I used to role my eyes with the mere suggestion of using a toner. It was not till I had a private conversation with the head of R&D for la prairie that she convinced me.
Things I already knew about toners, they were not the final step of cleansing, more the bridge that transitions the skin from the cleaning process to an absorbing treatment state. I knew that by using a toner treatment products like serums and moisturisers penetrated more effectively and ensure less product required. The difference a toner makes to the skin is like putting fabric softener in your laundry. What I discovered was that using cotton pads was only one method of application. The game changer I learnt from la prairie is I could splash it on like an aftershave, I have been using a toner ever since!
My twenties was also when I started using a serum for the first time. I was lucky because ingredients like AHA’s and retinols were being introduced for the first time. It was very exciting to discover these new technologies and appreciate what results I could begin to achieve for my clients. Active ingredients and these forward ingredients are possible one of the key reason that I have stayed in the industry for so long. Suddenly my career path dramatically changed…no longer was it about just pampering I could deliver and recommend innovative products that gained results. Serums was the first product type to be able to deliver these exciting new ingredients to the skin. Serums meant that the skin could be influenced faster and deeper within the cells than ever before.
In the first half of my twenties I was an avid user of a hydrating serum. It helped to stop trans-epidermal water loss and kept that youthful glow and more importantly hid a multitude of sins. In the second half of my twenties I wanted to get more exciting results, I wanted to see if a good young skin could get better. I began using a serum that was rich in AHA’s and BHA’s this really improved my skins clarity and texture. I am also positive that it has made a huge difference in the formation of pigmentation now in my 40’s. Sun damage is accumulative and with a healthy skin renewal it changes melanin formation and build up. Also BHA’s are responsible for removing cellular debris so it really supressed breakout caused by stress.
What I would tell my 20 something self
1. Start using an eye cream it will make you 30th birthday so much better.
2. Ensure all your products contain anti-oxidants. Protection is still more powerful than cure.
3. Always cleanse your skin at the end of the day or night.
4. Get IPL done and be done with unwanted hair.
5. Spray don’t bake. Healthy tans are applied.

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