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Are you plucking up your eyebrows?

Eyebrows play an important role in protecting our eyes form debris like dandruff to salty sweat. They are also an important part of human communication and facial expressions. Most of us see them as a decorative feature to frame our face. Eyebrow shapes seem to change fashion quicker than we can regrow them. Eyebrows are an important feature on our face and altering them dramatically should be  seriously considered before undertaking. Eyebrows unfortunately are the area of hair that can damage easily and not regrow. We  have all seen  women with the over plucked eyebrows of the 50’s still haunting  them now . I know it is unfair,  if only our bikini lines or the hair on our chin did the same and not grow back!

Eyebrow shapes is obviously a hard topic to talk about without lots of  pictures, there are however some tips and basic understandings that will help you get them right. Firstly be careful of the over groomed high arch. The high arch has been popular for the past decade and on many people it can actually make you look tired rather than lifted as first perceived.  This optical effect happens because the amount of eyelid space increases and normally when we see a lot of lid it means someone is sleepy and having difficulty keeping their eyes open. If this is you,  could be time to soften  the arch a little.

Over tweezing can end up with too fine an eyebrow, or destroying the hair line. The secret to making eyebrows look good,  despite their shape,  is to make sure the lines are even, it always amazes me how one little hair out of line can blur the desired effect.

To check your lines look at an arms distance and then lean back into the mirror. If you are too close to the mirror or use a magnified mirror (which unless you have bad eye sight I don’t recommend too)  the line appears distorted so is important to take a step back and check how you are going.

When tackling mono-brows be careful not to over tweeze and leave too much space between the brows as this can be just as disarming as too close. A guideline is to not go further than the line of your nostrils. This is an area that can really benefit from wax as there is always lots of fluffy light hairs as well as the darker thicker hairs, by removing the fluff it allows foundation to sit better.

Some eyebrows do need trimming, which means cutting some length off, so the hair sits neatly into line. If you are going to trim your eyebrow hair please use a sharp pair, of preferably, hair scissors. Brush the hair in an upwards direction with an eyebrow brush then trim to the hair line. In the case of curly hairs try when possible to cut below the bend so they will sit neatly into the hair line.

Eyebrows can also benefit from tinting especially with all the hair colour we do, to match the brows is important. It is remarkable how a tint can define the brows, frame the face and direct the look to the persons eyes. I am not a huge fan of bleaching eyebrows because the brows can go orange unless done by an expert. Bleaching brows should be left to professionals. Tinting brows can be a useful trick to thicken them, the hair swells when it absorbs the tint giving a lusher appearance.

The number one mistake people make when grooming their eyebrows( and other areas) is using blunt tweezers! The quality of the tweezers plays a big part on the results you will get. Tweezers should be sharpened every month or so depending on usage and replaced annually. Blunt tweezers or tweezers that have chipped will tear at the skin, and break hair causing ingrown hairs, stubble and faster regrowth. It is also so much easier to grip the hair with sharp tweezers that the job is done quickly and efficiently.

You really should not have a tug of war with your own hair!

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