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Attack A Pimple With Results

One thing I can guarantee is that pimples will be an on going discussion on this blog. It causes the most distress to people of all ages and sexes. Today however it is all about extraction or as the general public call it “squeezing”.

OK so you know you should not squeeze, however, I know that most people don’t listen or just can not control the urge. It is important to extract correctly to reduce pitted scarring, pigmented scarring, spread of infection, tearing the skin (yep you have done it haven’t you). Which are all worse than the original pimple. So here is what to do………..

  1. Only extract after a shower when the skin and oil is warm.
  2. Ensure your hands and the skin are clean
  3. Wrap you fingers with tissues (toilet paper will do), Especially careful to cushion nails.
  4. Place your fingers either side of the offending pimple/blackhead and push down and try and come up from underneath.
  5. Then finish with an antiseptic product.

The most common mistake people make is squeezing from the sides. This can rip the skin and break the infection under the skin.

We all know that pimples are the first to turn up for a date or special occasion. A great tip if you have to do extraction before going out then wrap an ice cube in a piece of cloth and do a cold compress to reduce the swelling. Please do not place ice directly on the skin or you will get freezer burn and that ain’t pretty!

Try not to keep touching the area once you have extracted or even before for that matter. Continuous touching increases the likely hood of infection. If you are putting make up over an extraction site it is vitally important that you cleanse efficiently afterwards. Bacteria is the enemy!

The best case scenario is let a professional do it. We have been trained and practiced to minimise any negative effects. Most salons now provide mini services where you can go in and just get the extraction done rather than have a full facial (which is not always time effective). When making your appointment also double check with the salon if they do extractions, not all do!

Let me know how you go with this technique?

One last request please pass this on to every teenager you know. Trying to fix their skin after the scarring damage is done is so hard and can lead to self confidence issues.