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Does your bathroom need a clearance? We think so?

July is the time to carry out your annual bathroom audit. This is when you clean up or throw away out-of-date and unused products from your bathroom cabinet. Before you think that we are about to tell you to waste $$$ and throw out everything, breathe, that is not the goal.

The first and most important step is to throw out all your sunscreens—unless you have bought them very recently. Sunscreens have a very short life span and after our hot summer the chances are that they are no longer active. When they are no longer active they are USELESS.

It’s time to clean all your lipsticks. Are you wondering why? You put your lipsticks near your mouth so it is important to remove the contamination from them. Use a clean tissue to wipe the surface of the lipstick where it has touched you. For lip glosses, wipe the wands and applicators.

Your mascara probably needs replacing as they should be replaced every three months to avoid infection. Also, when applying your mascara, try not to pump the wand, as this mixes oxygen into the product, decreasing its longevity.

It’s also time to wipe away the excess product from around the lids and nozzles of bottles, and tops of jars. This excess is oxidising and gathering bacteria that may affect the quality and stability of the rest of the product. It also looks nicer. While you are cleaning, check the use-by dates. On the bottom of all products you should find a drawing of a little jar with an open lid and a number next to the letter ‘M’. The number represents the months for which the product is guaranteed after opening. When did you open it? Yep. Sorry, if it’s been more than the number of months shown on the pack it has to go. You wouldn’t put out-of-date food into your body, so why would you put out-of-date skincare products into your body via your skin, the largest organ in your body?

It is also a good time to clean up all your make-up. Sharpen your pencils and wipe over your palettes. You will get to enjoy them for longer because you have looked after them. Bacteria can destroy more than just the small amount of make-up you clean off. If you haven’t used some of your make-up for ages it might just be better to let it go versus hoarding it.

Have you started getting ingrown hairs from tweezing? This is very common and the main cause is blunt tweezers. When tweezers become blunt they tend to not grab the hair properly. Instead they pull the hair so it curls and springs back into the skin. Voila, ingrown hair! Tweezers should be replaced once a year. Using sharp tweezers also makes the job so much easier and less painful.

Clean your make-up brushes—really well! I love using Precleanse from Dermalogica for this task. We all should do a quick cleanse of our brushes during the week, however, it makes such a difference to do a big double cleanse periodically.

Having a clean bathroom, not cluttered with excess products that you never use, actually helps you to maintain your beauty routine. A cupboard full of stuff is so demotivating. It’s like working in an office—a clean desk is where the work gets done!

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