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Breaking the rules, for all the right reasons

The beauty industry has at times held onto time-honoured traditions and processes. Think about the three-step rule, which has now become about five steps. Sometimes your beauty therapist needs to break those rules or skip some steps. The adage that rules were made to be broken is very true for a beauty therapist, to allow us to achieve great results for your skin.

Sometimes our skin can be fragile and its health disrupted. At these times, it is important to restabilise and rebuild your skin before exfoliating. In some cases your therapist will diminish an exfoliating technique to make it more of a ‘skin dusting’ than exfoliation. Other times they will give to the skin through massage and masking and exfoliate after that, only if the skin has stabilised sufficiently.

In times of crisis our skin can be so depleted that to be able to absorb of the benefit of our treatments, we need to stimulate the skin once the active ingredients have been applied. When our skin is depleted of moisture and nutrients to this extent, it can actually repel instead of absorb nourishment. To overcome this problem we use massage to increase the skin’s metabolic rate so that it can absorb the active ingredients and get the maximum benefit from them.

It is best not to massage inflamed, infected skins with pustules or acne at all, otherwise the infection may be spread further through the skin.

Your therapist may use steam to treat your skin, depending on its condition and any issues and whether they will respond well to heat or moisture. An in-tune therapist will use their insights and tools to influence your skin to get results. Your therapist should not require gimmicks to deliver results, just knowledge.

When you make an appointment at The Paddington Beauty Room we take the treatment you have booked as a guide only. Making appointments with us is really about creating a time slot so you can have a conversation with your therapist about your skin and she can respond with the treatment that best meets its needs on that particular day.

After all these years in the industry I get very frustrated with therapists who go ‘missing in action’. They just go through the motions and don’t seem to be interested in interpreting what they see. Your therapists here at The Paddington Beauty Room want the challenge of flexing their beauty-therapy muscles to improve your skin—both figuratively and literally. We are such skincare nerds that skins are our lunchtime conversations. Our skin heroes are not 20-something-year olds who are, no doubt, beautiful. They are women like the Queen, Helen Mirren and Annie Lennox—who have all been grooming their skin for years and they now look ageless and have redefined looking good. They look gracious and ageless—not flawless—but radiant and timeless.

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