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Cleansing Lesson YOU need to read.

Women sadly only typically cleanse their skin for 3 seconds (men are even less). Yet cleansing the skin properly is the foundation for all your skincare routine. Inefficient cleansing can be the cause of breakout, congestion, sensitivity and other adverse skin reactions.

Here are my top tips to perfect cleansing
1. Twice a day and a double cleanse in the evening
2. Use your fingers to find the crevices and folds of the skin. Be extra careful around the nose and the crease of the chin and under the chin
3. Go over your ears and behind the ear lobes. Behind the ears can get congested from pressure from sunglasses/glasses as well as building up a tide mark of foundation and SPF’s
4. Get good tools, for extra exfoliation and deep pore cleansing use a facial brush. For hygienic and gentle removal use a Sponge Cloth from Dermalogica as it does not allow the growth of bacteria. It also does not leave tiny fibres on the skin. Never rinse your face directly under a shower as this will cause broken capillaries and compromise the skins lipid barrier.
5. When you are being lazy or need convenience we highly recommend PreCleanse Wipes. Current facial wipes available in supermarkets and pharmacies are alcohol based and are too stripping of the skin which eventually causes sensitivity and breakouts.

MYTH- that toners finish off the cleansing process.
FACT- if you see make up on a cotton pad after cleansing means you are not cleansing properly.
MYTH- a clean skin should fell tight and squeaky
FACT- if your skin feels like that you have stripped your skin and have compromised your skin which stimulates over reaction.