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Defeating winter skin!

So those of us in the southern hemisphere are waking up in the morning with our teeth chattering. We are huddled over heaters with a hot coffee in hand and discuss the lack of heating infrastructure in our homes. While we are all doing this we are putting our poor skin through stress. Stress that leaves it mark on your skin in the future.

In winter the normal blood supply is taken form the surface of the skin and is drawn closer to the vital organs. The vital organs are then kept warm, however, the skin has reduced nutrients being supplied. This makes the skin appear dull and grayish. The best remedy is a good facial massage. Can you think of a better thing to do that be cuddled up in the warm being massaged?

During winter the water within the skin can freeze and chapp. Most commonly we see this in our lips, as they are more fragile than other areas. It is important to ensure that your moisturiser has the ability to improve the protective barrier of the skin. When the protective barrier is in good condition it protects water from freezing and from being evaporated. In truly harsh climates products that have barrier as its main job are perfect or handy additions for ski trips etc.

A common habit in winter is to go for a heavier cream, which is not always the best remedy. It is true that in winter the oil does not spread itself over the skin as efficiently as in the heat. For some people winter is more about the compromise of hydration not lipid. If your skin becomes flaky, tight and rough then a more lipid rich moisturiser (a heavier cream) is the answer for you. If you skin starts resembling an onion skin or a quilt it is probably more hydration you need. There is two ways to help restore the correct hydration levels; one is to add a hydrating serum/booster to your daily routine, the second is to mask your skin with hydration and nutrients more regularly.  If your skin seems always quilted and dehydrated use the serum/booster option, this will support your favourite moisturiser and give it that extra punch that is needed. When your skin becomes particularly bad due to lifestyle or extreme weather then masking is the best option. Before you all scream I do not have time with your hydrating masks you can use them while having a shower. Just pop it on and then wash and condition your hair and then rinse the whole lot off. Masks that give to the skin generally have humectants and they will draw moisture from the steam of the shower into the skin. I can hear your skin already feeling the relief!

Be careful to avoid over exfoliating in winter.  A rough guide to work with is for every two moisturising/hydrating masks applied exfoliate once. When you exfoliate you also remove natural lipids not just dead cells. With the harsh conditions of winter the skin does not always have the time or the ability to replenish before you exfoliate and remove the natural lipids again.  This is where good advice from the brand representative is vital, there are exceptions to this guide. Those exceptions can include skin conditions and product formulation however the above should always be considered.

Need more help please just reply to this post with your questions and I am happy to help!