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Five Ways Paddington A very Special Place

Five Ways Paddington has a very special place in my heart; it’s the place that my dreams have been made. This very unique and special part of the world is nestled in the heart of Paddington. It is an area that is enriched by its community.

The vibrancy of the area is perpetuated by a commonality between residents, businesses and visitors which makes it a destination area in Sydney. Oh, and let’s not forget the four-legged residents and visitors; there are times that I have learned dogs’ names but am still learning their parents’.

I love that when walking, working, eating or shopping in Five Ways you witness the different demographics that make up this community. I know parking is often a pest, however, I do love that it means we are all on the streets – the young, the wise, the parents, dog walkers, business owners, the strolling strollers, the fashionable, the lycra clad and many more in between. Eye contact and a smile is not an unusual occurrence, it’s a confirmation of our secret that we love it too.

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