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Hair-less care in the colder months

As shorts are replaced by trousers and T-shirts by shirts, this time of year hair removal can become a distant memory, a chore that we gladly skip. But, in fact, winter can be the best time to concentrate on hair removal.

If you have been considering IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) laser hair removal, winter is the very best time to do it. For us to be able to treat the skin with IPL, it must be untouched by UV radiation for four weeks prior to each treatment. If the skin to be treated has been exposed to the sun, the IPL treatment will burn you. This is because the laser light is attracted to the colour created in the skin by UV exposure and this creates a thermolysis (dispersion of heat from the body), which can result in blistering and burning. We highly recommend that you cover up from sun exposure for a month prior to your treatment and keep the area to be treated covered from UV exposure during your entire treatment period.

It’s very common for waxers to slack off while no one can see the evidence of that slackness. What they don’t realise is that hair grows in two directions—not only externally, which is visible, but internally, meaning it becomes deeper rooted. Maintaining your waxing regime during winter will make it less painful, because removing hair from the follicle weakens it, causing it to grow back finer, lighter in colour, and sometime even not at all. When the hair growth is influenced in this way the hair is easier to remove, making waxing more comfortable. By contrast, hair roots that are embedded more deeply within the skin are more connected to the nerve endings and we have to pull even harder to remove that hair.

So instead of waiting for the eleventh hour before the weather is warm enough to bare more skin, keep up with your preferred hair-removal technique over the colder months for more effective and more painless results!

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