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Invest Invent Invite – Small business commentary

Small business can be a solo challenge. Most of us go into a small business because we have an expertise in the product and/or service we provide. We learn how to run a business on the job, usually by trial and error.

It can be overwhelming at first as you come to grips with staff management, accounting, marketing, PR and all the facets that make up a business.

After 13 years in business I still find the biggest hurdle is not getting bogged down in the business and working on the business. I am not sure who I am quoting however I find it a great reminder ‘starve your distractions and feed your focus’.

As a small business owner it is vital that your success is not just about the product/service. It needs to be about being a successful, sustainable business as well. There is no point getting into business unless this is your goal.

There have been so many things I have learnt, tried and failed at while being in business which only motivates me further. There are some truths I have learnt that I practice within my business, sometimes all the time, sometimes only when needed.

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