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Knowing the skin you’re in

One of the greatest challenges in our industry is proper skin diagnosis. We find too often that new clients arrive brimming with misinformation or without having any real understanding of their own skin. Skin health can be at risk for new clients who have tried the latest product used by some celebrity, believing it would be perfect for them. You know what? I get it!

It is also hard to find staff that won’t get caught up in the marketing and celebrity side of the beauty industry. How can one resist the glamorous allure of clever marketing and its seductive promises? How can you avoid just getting on board the ‘next big thing’? Who do you trust and why? These are just a few of the common points that come up in conversation when I meet people and they ask me what I do.

I love skin; I love the texture, the flexibility and the nuances of it. I find my greatest job satisfaction in the ability to influence and change the behaviour of someone’s skin for the better. I truly and deeply believe that when we feel beautiful we act confidently and I feel honoured to have a role in imparting that gift to my clients over the years. In my staff and industry colleagues I try to find fellow therapists who love to deliver this gift to their clients too.

We are conservative in our philosophy of treating the skin—for us the long-term efficacy and results are far more important than temporary fixes. We want no regrets here! There is, however, a huge difference between taking a conservative approach and not keeping up with the developments in products and techniques. That just wouldn’t do!

There are some basic assumptions that have proven over time to be based in fact. One of these is that the skin is an organ and so it will react and behave like one. Overstimulation and over-exfoliation will give immediate visible results that seem desirable. However those results either don’t last or have to be compensated for afterwards. Overstimulating cell renewal is known to create skin sensitisation. Increased proliferation of cells is a well-known cause of acne because the dead cells tend to block the pores. Yet, paradoxically, this also improves skin texture, reducing lines and wrinkles.

How do you get the recipe right for your skin? Well that is what your experienced therapist is trained to do for you—to help you navigate the world of skin treatments and find the perfect balance for your skin at your age and to meet your needs. When I first started in beauty therapy, my job involved not much more than being a cream slapper and a pamperer. I almost left the industry because of the lack of thrill and challenge. Luckily for me, technology intervened and the rest is history. I urge you to persist until you find a therapist who both talks to you and listens to you, and then delivers results that fulfil your long-term goals for your skin.

Discover how great products combined with an awesome therapist can deliver visible, measurable results for which you will be forever grateful. It is all too easy to make a young person look great. The real expertise is making someone of any age look their best and to defy the number of birthdays they’ve had.

Balance is the key to getting the best out of today’s treatments and products. We would love to help you to find your perfect balance.

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