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Laser hair removal

Winter is now upon us, which means it is the ideal time to be doing Intense Pulsed Light Laser (IPL) treatments. During these treatments it is important to avoid sun exposure, making the colder months the perfect time for them.

The Paddington Beauty Room has invested heavily in the best of the best IPL machines. At the end of last year we introduced into the salon the NEW Icon Aesthetic System by Palomar. This machine has great power and capabilities combined with truly amazing safety features. All IPL machines are not created equal and you should research the machine as much as the technician. There are a lot of cheap machines in the marketplace, which allow the purchasers to offer what may seem at first to be very good deals.

You should invest in your IPL treatments in the same way as we invested in our machine. Here is why:
• The Icon has contact cooling system combined with a sapphire lens to maintain a 4° temperature. This makes the treatment more comfortable and less likely to cause pain than other IPL systems. It also enables more efficient treatment.
• The Icon handpieces use a photon-recycling technology that reflects laser light emitted in all directions back towards the skin, intensifying the results and reducing the number of treatments required.
• The Icon has a smooth pulse versus a pitching pulse, which reduces discomfort and enhances results. It is like the difference between trying to hit something with a stiletto and a man’s shoe.

The Paddington Beauty Room has been offering IPL treatments for 10 years and we self-regulate. Even though our machine is capable of many other treatments, as beauty therapists our expertise covers:
• hair removal
• skin rejuvenation
• reduction of pigmentation and sun damage
• treatment of capillaries and veins above the heart (i.e., face only).

If you have been considering IPL treatment I invite you to come in and have an IPL consultation for $60, which will be redeemable off your first IPL treatment. During the consultation we will use the Palomar Skintel Melanin Reader and the Fitzpatrick Skin Typing Test to define our treatment parameters. We will ensure there are no contraindications to treatment and perform a patch test. Then you can experience how the treatment feels and we will also check that you have no unexpected reactions.

We know your skin, let us treat it!

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