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Living in Australia means that you will have photoageing

The sad fact is that living in Australia means that you will have photoageing. The question is more what can you do about it.

The simple answer is to incorporate whitening/brightening skincare into your routine. Due to the explosion of popularity of these style products in Asia and the perception that it was because they wanted to have white faces has possibly put Australians off. My experience in working in Asia and with Asian skins it is more about having even skin tone with no discolorations. Asian skins contain more pigment cells which means first signs of ageing is pigmentation. Whitening/brightening skincare will help your skin improve the damage from photoageing as well as prevent further damage.


Unbalanced pigmentation distribution alone can add up to 12 years to a person’s perceived age.

Photoageing is the prime cause of wrinkles. Photoageing is caused by chronic sun exposure, which means gradual exposure over time not just getting burnt. UV rays can penetrate and damage collagen and elastin which are responsible for keeping the skin firm and prevent sagging.

If you want to appreciate or scare yourself with how much photoageing you have already compare the skin on your hands and face to the skin on the inside of your arms or buttocks. Sun damage starts from childhood even though it is not visible till much later

Photoaged skin develops a rough, dry coarseness and a yellowish wrinkled appearance. Spider type veins become visible on the face and legs and the skin becomes mottled in colour. Below is a photo of a 69 year old trucker who had been driving for 28 years. The very dramatic difference is undeniable and the result of greater sun exposure on one side of his face.





So what can be done?

SPF applied daily from a very young age is so important for the protection of the skin. However SPF’s are not full blocks so UV induced damage is reduced not stopped. In Australia it is basically imperative to incorporate skincare that helps to repair and prevent photoageing.

Whitening/Brightening skincare uses different technologies and ingredients and not all products are created equal. In general whitening/brightening skincare will block UV and hormone messengers. They will also have ingredients that intercept the micro communications of an enzyme called tyrosinase which stimulates melanin production. Also they will contain brightening ingredients and often AHA’s to create a more refined skin. The latest evolution of whitening/brightening skincare incorporate more technologies and ingredients that help repair the signs of photoageing like skin thickening and wrinkles.


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