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When you have to much of a good thing

Skin treatments have changed a lot over the years. Some innovations are nothing more than fads, others I wish were only fads, and yet others have proven to be of great value and will stand the test of time. While the improvements in technology have been amazing, they have provided a lot of stimulation and this constant activity pushing the skin to perform creates fatigue. Increasingly in the salon we are seeing cases of the disorder of skin fatigue. When skin cells are forced to replenish or collagen and elastin re pushed in to trigger regeneration the result can actually be negative. As beauty specialists it is a real challenge to keep on top of what each of our clients is doing as they mix and match different technologies and active ingredients.
We have seen a dramatic increase is skin sensitivity and fragility caused by overstimulation. Of course, it’s not just us seeing this—the trend is industry-wide. The skincare manufacturers have responded by introducing more products for sensitised skins to help to compensate for the overstimulation of the skin’s defences and to re-establish good skin health.
Peels, microdermabrasion, needling, laser resurfacing and daily exfoliation, as well as the use of products containing active ingredients such as retinol and acids, all contribute to the phenomenon of skin fatigue. It’s quite easy to blame a sensitive skin on high stress levels when, in fact, it may be caused by all the different treatments you are having. None of these treatments are bad in themselves—but the frequency of them and the lack of balance in your combined at-home and in-salon skincare regime can create a conflict.
It’s hard to resist the instant results that exfoliating at home seem to produce. However, if we only take away from our skin and do not replenish the nutrients, our skin becomes vulnerable and can actually start looking and feeling worse. If that happens and then we exfoliate again to achieve that fresh, smooth-looking skin instantly—well, I’m sure you can see where I am going here.
The art of achieving beautiful skin is in attaining a balance. When we train our bodies they need both rest and stimulation. So too does our skin. If you do nothing but high-intensity training like at boot camp, your body will fatigue and break down. However, if you mix regular training with boot camps at intervals you gain greater results. The same principle applies to your skincare.
If your skin is dull, sensitised, reddened, dehydrated and often flaky, with its barrier function compromised—and it isn’t normally that way—it may well be fatigued. Depending on how long your skin has been compromised, this condition is actually quite easy to turn around so that, once again, you can have happy, healthy, youthful-looking skin.
Let us help you to achieve the skin you were meant to have and of which you can be proud.

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