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My personal journey with my relationship with sleep!

The past 18 months have thrown me personal challenges that have tested me in more ways than ever before in my life. I also certainly understand that some of these problems still make me better off than most, which I am grateful for however, your problems are still your problems to handle. During this time I have also had to share with some of my clients what I was going through as it was affecting everything in my life. I felt at times so unprofessional yet totally embraced by clients and staff alike….THANK YOU!

By sharing my experiences I was discovering I was not alone, the causes were different but the feelings were the same.

At times I felt that my nose was just going to get above water again to only have something push me deeper…..yet I was so close! Just a little breath! Keep paddling Anna!

The biggest challenge was the result of these stresses and beginning a bad relationship with sleep. I have always been a very good sleeper, in fact I would brag about it. Now 3 am is the most terrifying thing I can see. I know for some of you it’s falling to sleep, that has not been my problem.

Sleep deprivation from either not falling asleep or from waking too early has the same result which is hell. I have far more empathy for new parents whose sleep is interrupted too. The lack of ability to think and process, memory loss and lest not even get into how cranky you can get when tired, there were times I really thought I was losing my mind. I would beg myself to fall asleep

I am not writing this to evoke sympathy, I am writing this in case you relate, you are not alone. I want to share what I have tried so we all can sleep peacefully again.

The List of everything I have tried so far:
* Not drinking liquids 2 hours before going to bed – this certainly alleviated one issue that was waking me up, no mad dash to the bathroom.
* A blue light meditation lamp – OK this was a waste of money for me. The idea was to control your breathing by inhaling and exhaling to the rhythm of the light
* No mobile phone by my bed – this was not easy to do as I was dealing with elderly parents and needed to be on call. But now it is definitely out of immediate reach and turned faced down so it can’t emit light. I also bought a clock so I didn’t need to look at my phone for the time….lets face it , it was always 3 am!
* Eye mask – I found a silk eye mask that was also wide so it covered ears as well as blocking sound and light. It is very comfortable and I believe it makes a big difference.
* Chamomile tea – I went back to not drinking for 2 hrs before bed.
* Doctors prescription sleeping tablets – OMG I was scared of taking them, I am scared of taking panadol! In the end I wish I had not waited so long to ask my doctor. I don’t use them all the time however in a heightened moment of anguish and needing to relate to people on a daily basis it has proven to be a useful tool when needed. It also took away the anxiety of sleeping because I knew if I woke up and something was on that day I could do something about it. They got me through a real tough round but are not a long term strategy.
* Weighted blankets – I now sleep under a blanket that weighs 1/3 of my body weight. This has worked really well. The idea is if you cant toss and turn you don’t wake yourself up. There is nothing better than waking up from that perfect sleep when you are stiff from not moving all night. (Sleep goals) It took me a few days to get used to it.
* New Pillows – While pondering life issues at 3 am I worked out that I had not replaced my pillows in over ten years. I am now trying memory foam, certainly appreciate more head support.
* Diet – this was also difficult because you crave energy when you are dog gone tired! Who does n’t just want a glass of wine to relax. So I failed on this one regularly but I justified it with I need some stress relief.
* Herbal sleeping tablets – these for me minimized the anxiety I felt when I woke up but didn’t stop me from waking up.
* Magnesium – I chose one that had anti-stress as well and I took it twice daily. This I really think makes a difference.
* Skincare – I used Dermalogica’s Sleep Cocoon and Murad’s Night Fix Enzyme treatment

The extra burden I felt was I still had to be “the face” of a beauty salon and I sincerely appreciate the results I got from my skincare routine.

I added two products into my routine:

Dermalogica Sleep Cocoon ( – it helps to create peacefulness and a calm mind. I mixed this into my favourite night cream which for most of this time has been La Prairie’s Skin Caviar Absolute Filler.

Murad Night Fix Enzyme Treatment ( – a two pronged treatment one was the aroma-technology that influences the circadian rhythm and the beta brain waves that certainly got me to a deep relaxed state. The second part tricks the skin into going into repair mode even if you are not asleep so you can at the very least look rested and refreshed. I am seriously addicted and impressed with this product it was a game changer for me. I love that even if I can’t get the sleep happening every night I am comfortable knowing that I won’t look as I feel.

What I have learned all of it works to some degree and mixing things up seems to be the best attack. I now sleep more nights than not. I sincerely hope that some of things I tried might help you.

Yours from La La Land

Anna Field
The Paddington Beauty Room

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