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Nailing it

Gosh, nail polish technology has just boomed in the past few years. We have not seen anything like it for a long time.

GEL nails—Not all gels are created equal! We recommend and choose to use OPI because their products deliver better-quality nails even after continued use of gels. WHY? OPI are still the only gel brand that is not a hybrid. Other ‘gels’ are actually a mix of lacquer and gel. This means for application over-buffing is required, as is curing with a UV light for two minutes (that is ageing UV light on your hands or feet for eight minutes with no sun protection), and filling, and it must be removed using pure acetone. All of these things combine to weaken the skin and the nails.

GEL nails are ideal for those seeking the longest wear and the most durable shine. Their only downside is that removal is easiest within the salon versus at home.

NATURAL nails—introducing INFINITE SHINE by OPI—This the most significant formula upgrade in nail polish in years. We are phasing out regular lacquer to upgrade to INFINITE SHNE. This new formulation dries in five minutes without lamps and will last a week (or perhaps more, depending how hard you are on your nails), and can be removed using normal nail polish remover. The great news is that OPI have brought out nearly all the old favourite colours in their new formula.

Expert tip—If your manicurist does not understand the difference between OPI gels and the rest, then they are likely negating the valuable differences and your nails might be suffering. They are also likely still over-buffing, using pure acetone to remove polish and using UV lamps to cure it.

Do you know why we don’t soak your nails? Soaking can greatly increase the chance of infection; warm water is bacteria’s best friend. Another reason is for the health of your cuticles. When the hand or foot is soaking, the cuticles swell as they absorb water. The swelling can occur unevenly putting pressure on the cuticles. If you then push the cuticles too hard or over trim swollen cuticles you can create hangnails. Hangnails are those pesky and sometimes sore little skin tears that start at the cuticle and curl back.

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