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Blinc mascara will add volume and length to your lashes, giving you a radiant natural look that last all day long. Only when you are ready to remove Blinc mascara, will the tubes slide off your lashes into your hands effortlessly without the use of removers, leaving not tint residue behind.

 Blinc mascara has been clinically tested to be non-irritating making it ideal for sensitive eyes, contact lens wearers and active people in search of mascara whose look, hold and ease of removal is unrivalled.


  • neither water alone will remove Blinc Mascara
  • Only the combination of lots of warm water and gentle pressure, from your fingertips, a washcloth or water pressure (ie shower), will slide the tiny tubes off your lashes effortlessly.
  • Upon removal, you will actually see tiny tubes in your hands!

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black, dark blue, dark brown, dark green, dark purple, medium brown


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