Dermalogica AGE Smart Dynamic Skin Recovery SPF50


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Dermalogica knows that prevention is your best defence! Dynamic Skin Recovery provides absolute hydration and protection with the powerful Dermalogica – patented Polypeptides combined with Glucosamine and Soy extract to kick start the natural collagen production all the way down in the dermal layer. This will not only enhance the skin’s ability to retain moisture levels but it will maintain the elastin fibres and long term skin integrity. White Tea will strengthen the skin’s natural ability to defend itself from external aggressors while Vitamin C brightens uneven pigment. With Dermalogica’s advanced sunscreen technology UVA and UVB rays are shielded off giving you 24hr protection.
Prevention is worth a pound of cure!

50ml pump bottle

This product should last for approximately 6 months.
Recommended usage is once per day.


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