La Prairie Crystal Micellar Water Eyes • Face



Crystal Micellar Water Eyes • Face is a gentle yet effective cleansing micellar water that binds to makeup and other impurities so they can then be swept away, all without drying the skin.

– Gentle and effective water-based no-rinse cleanser attracts and dissolves makeup and impurities
– Easily removes eye and face makeup, keeping the eye area calm during makeup removal
– Hydrating blend including Liposomal Glacier Water helps maintain skin’s moisture level. Application:
AM/PM. Dispense onto a cotton pad and sweep over the forehead, nose, cheeks and chin until pads no longer show signs of makeup or impurities. To remove eye makeup: Dispense product onto a cotton pad and gently press over one eye. Wait for a few seconds to allow the formula to begin dissolving eye makeup. Gently sweep the cotton pad from the inner to outer corner. Repeat on the other eye using a fresh pad.
It is also an ideal morning cleanser, refreshing and moisturising the skin while eliminating oils that have built up over night.


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