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** A Personal Review – Save my Thirsty Skin

A Personal Review 

Summer Loving is not what our skin says!

We tend to find our skins more dehydrated in summer due to heat, air-conditioning and alcohol ( that Christmas Cheer!) Dehydration in skin is lack of water not oil. Yes your skin might be in drought too! 

Dehydration presents itself looking like an onion skin with fine criss crossing lines. You will see it more on the forehead and around the eyes that else where on the face. When your skin become dehydrated it changes from being like a plump juicy grape to a sultana. The skin becomes tight and causes congestion, pores  stretch and become enlarged, the texture changes to rough and it interrupts oil flow causing skin to become excessively dry or oily ( pending on your skin type). Now if I haven’t frightened you enough dehydration is the FIRST sign of ageing…….now is a good time to pick up your bottle of water beside you and take a swig!

There are two ways to boost your skins hydration over summer. Firstly add a hydrating serum to your routine both morning and/or night. I will let you into a little secret I am a double-serum gal! I have been combining active serums with a hydrating serum for decades. I cleanse, toner, essence, then apply active serum followed by hydrating serum then my moisturiser.  By ensuring the skin is well hydrated the actives become super-powered and this is the secret to a glowing, plump skin that defies age.

Secondly, I boost my skin after late nights, wine, air-conditioning, travel etc by using a hydrating mask. I will use a hydrating mask up to 3 times a week when it  is needed however generally find because I double serum (as above) I mask mainly 1 times a week, it just  me and a Netflix show masking away!

It is also important to increase your internal hydration by either eating it or drinking it ( go on take another swig of that water!). Fruit is a very good way of eating your water in particular all those lovely summer berries. There is a bit of misinformation regarding skin hydration and that is you need to drink water to hydrate your skin, well this is not entirely correct. Drinking water does help the skin but not the way you think it does. Drinking water increases the hydration of vital organs. Vital organs as the name suggests are “vital” so when they become parched they steal water from the skin, muscle and bones. So drinking water stops this happening therefore protecting the skin from dehydration versus adding hydration. Happy hydrated vital organs also means you are less likely to see skin imperfections and conditions like acne, pigmentation, texture interruptions etc . 

What should you do?

If you skin is always dehydrated, like every day over summer?
Then you need a SERUM.

If your skin is only dehydrated because of lifestyle and environment ( so occasionally during the week) ?Then you need a MASK

If you answered YES to both, then yep, you need a mask and a serum. 

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