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Are sheet masks masks?

Question: When is a mask not a mask?

Answer: When it is a sheet mask.

There is a global beauty trend for sheet masks, which are a hybrid of a serum and mask. Of course we’re all asking, which are better, traditional or sheet masks? Firstly sheet masks don’t replace traditional masks; they are an addition to your routine. Instead of using them regularly like a traditional mask, you target their use for your needs or for an occasion.

Sheet masks are called masks because of their appearance versus the style of product. They originated a few years ago in South Korea—the world beauty innovation mecca.

As sheet masks are infused with ingredients, you get a pure boost from them. Different masks can infuse different ingredients leading to different benefits. These treatments are not so good for those with oily or problem skins like acne and rosacea as they increase the skin’s temperature. For everyone else this increase is beneficial to increase product absorption.

Sheet masks deliver ingredients without traditional stabilisers like emulsifiers and therefore provide your skin with a quickfire boost.

Sheet masks have another benefit. They help people to pause and relax, as it is not easy to run around and do lots of things at the same time. I recommend a little meditation at the same time for the ultimate multi-tasking experience.

I also believe that doing things for yourself and putting yourself first for a moment will help you to feel really good about yourself. It can give you a significant confidence boost. Like wearing great underwear, no-one else knows why you feel good.

Sheet masks are also awesome for travel as you can slip them into any cosmetics bag. You won’t have to worry about spillage and will gain wonderful relief from travel-related skin issues like dehydration.

After using a sheet mask there is often a residue left. This is best massaged in to the skin, not removed.

Another benefit of sheet masks is that they can be used as frequently as you like. So on those hectic weeks you can schedule an evening skin boost with a sheet mask—think pre-wedding, fashion week etc.

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