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Step by Step

Getting back to basics and utilising your products is sometimes the best advice we can give.

1. Cleanse– double cleanse in the evening to remove make-up and sunscreen first then cleanse the skin for preparation of treatment products
2. Tone/Lotion – keep this step simple and splash on like an after shave versus using cotton pads. Pre-modern technology toners where part of the cleansing process now they are more about skin prep for better absorption.
3. Essences – this is a new product concept for westerners however the beauty avant-garde in Japan and Korea have been way all over this for years. This step is often mistaken to replace a toner it certainly does not. An essence is a liquid light formulation that’s allows more ingredient penetration without blocking following steps. For the serious skin enthusiasts, it is a non-negotiable!
4. Serums– play away, have fun, lets get down and dirty this is the fun step. Mix match and value add. You can blend two of your favourite serums and apply or just use one, you can apply different serums day to night. This is the techno layer time to get the best out of the latest and greatest and real get your skin working for you.
5. Eye Cream– so important to be put on next. Face creams are not tested for the eye area. Best practice is to apply eye cream first so you don’t get the ace cream into your eyes. Also, eye creams are formulated to work with the difference in the skin in this delicate and age prone zone. Also, if you are one of those lazy ones who think they can cheat and use their face cream by applying the eye cream first you will always go to apply your face cream but sometimes when its done the other way around it gets “missed”. Your eyes deserve the most care, its everyone number one area of ageing concern. To get best results get in and massage the eye area while applying your eye cream, it is stress relieving and it helps improve the skin, just don’t stretch the skin opposite directions and stop when the product is fully absorbed.
6. Moisturiser – your moisturiser is most likely differing from day to night unless it does not contain and SPF. If it does not contain an SPF that will be your next step. Apply a pea size to the palm of your hand and briefly rub together. The warmth increases spread ability. Start on your forehead then come down. Foreheads often get dehydrated because we simply run out of product before getting to it and we never go back for more. Where if you start on the forehead and if you run out of product as you hit the cheeks and neck you are more likely to go back for more.
For personal best advice we can help tailor your individual routine the above is just a very good guide to work from.

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