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Tailor your moisturiser to your needs

Now one the most common questions I am asked is “why do we need serums/boosters?” Well serum/boosters are targeted skincare with fine molecular structures and very clever delivery systems which mean they can penetrate into the cells of the skin and have an influence on the most intricate cell functions. They therefore achieve some of the greatest effects on the skin. Moisturiser on the other hand are more diluted in nature as they are a combination of complexes and blend penetration ability as well as barrier protection. So serum/boosters work from the inside out and moisturisers work from the outside in. The best way to look at it is treat your skin concerns with serums/boosters for the fast results and your skin type with the moisturiser you love.

The most wonderful things about serums are their varied uses and benefits. There really is a serum for everyone. Another way of thinking about it is serum/boosters tailor your moisturiser for you individual concerns. It is the combination of both products that really will increase your results. It is important to remember that a serum/booster must have a moisturiser on top to lock in all the positive results and all to ensure the barrier on the skin has been re-enforced to slow trans-epidermal water loss. Some serums are very specific in their actions for example, matify and control oil or hydrate, firm or de-sensitize. These are the types of serums that can tailor your moisturiser to your needs and concerns. For example perhaps your skin needs more firming than your favourite moisturiser offers then you can supplement that by using a serum.

Some serums are multi-tasking or are “super-serum” which means they deliver multiple de-ageing and anti ageing benefits and are generally not dictated by skin type. For example this helps oily skins to have anti-ageing treatments while still having their oil-free moisturisers to treat their oil. These serums are really design for the connoisseur  who is really searching for the best they can be doing to slow the ageing and reverse the signs of ageing. I should state when I say reverse I do not mean that you will be fourteen again. Skin damage can be repaired and improved, however, not removed.

In the end everyone should utilise this technology and find a serum/booster for themselves and really see a visible difference in your skin in a much quicker period of time. When you are after more results sometimes it is about finding a serum rather than changing your moisturiser. Changing serums regularly can give the skin a real booster and kick start. So many times we are told “your skin has got used to the products and you need to change brands”. Well what skincare company is going to argue with that, it is in all their interests? It can, however, be as simple as changing your serum (or add some ampoules which I will talk about later) or even alternating different serums.

Be careful of layering serums without expert advice because mixing active ingredients, like AHA’s, Retinols and Vitamin C needs to be done carefully. Too many actives can confuse the skin so to speak, and create a sensitivity and dehydration. When used correctly serums containing the above actives are amazing.

In short using a serum can have a major influence on the results you see in the mirror, give it a go!

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