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The tools we use besides our hands

At the Paddington Beauty Room our beauty specialists utilise some specialist tools to enhance our massage techniques and skincare technologies.

The steamer: It may seem quite humble, however, when used correctly the steamer has a wonderful influence on the health of your skin. There are three elements to steam treatment.

The first element is the moisture, the actual steam. Most skincare products contain humectants that draw moisture into the skin, increasing its hydration and plumpness. By hydrating the skin more efficiently with steam, you slow down the degradation of collagen and elastin.

The second element is heat. For sensitive skin we dial back the steam to diminish the heat of the treatment. Bringing the heat closer to the skin melts oils and purges impurities by creating a sweat. It also helps us to prepare the skin to help extractions.

The third element is ozone. Ozone is activated oxygen that works as a germicide. Incorporating ozone into the steam nourishes and detoxifies the skin.

The bt-Micro™: We think of this handheld exfoliator as our (ultrasonic and microcurrent) magic wand! The bt-Micro combines two great technologies in one tool. The first is inotropes, which utilise the polarity of ions in cells to either attract or repel each other, depending on the setting selected. We can use the bt-Micro handpiece to draw out oil and reduce the number of extractions required, or to help product penetrate to achieve more effective results more quickly. The second technology is soundwaves, which create micro-contractions of the facial muscles to give a noticeable face lift.

Photorejuvenation (IPL): Intense pulsed light (IPL) therapy is a wonderful way to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin. The same treatment use with a different setting can reduce pigmentation and age spots, and remove broken capillaries. We have invested heavily on a Palomar Icon machine that we trust absolutely to provide you with results you will be happy with.

Deesse Mask (LED): This cutting-edge phototherapy treatment gives your skin a great boost in the salon; however, you will achieve the best results by purchasing a mask and using it regularly at home. This LED (light-emitting diode) mask has an anti-ageing program that uses near-infrared light with red light to improve the skin’s texture, circulation and hydration, to increase collagen production and to reduce fine lines. The acne program uses near-infrared light with blue light to purify and calm the skin, and to reduce oil production. The healing program combines near-infrared light with both red and blue light to reduce inflammation, pain, redness, sensitivity and pigmentation; and to accelerate healing lessen the risk of scarring.

Talk to your Paddington Beauty Room specialist to learn how we can use these tools for your benefit.

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