A great wax is more than just a skilled therapist. We choose to use high quality resin wax to ensure you have longevity between waxes and reduce the likely hood of ingrown hairs.

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the paddington beauty room waxing mins $
Eyebrow Design 15 mins $55
Chin 15 mins $30
Lip 15 mins $35
Lip and Chin 15 mins $35
Half Legs 15 mins $50
Half Legs and Bikini 30 mins $65
Full Legs 35 mins $75
Full Legs and Bikini 45 mins $83
Bikini 15 min $50
Full Bikini (over six weeks) 45 mins $75
Full Bikini (under six weeks) 30 mins $65
Underarms 15 mins $45
Half Arms 15 mins $43
Full Arms 15 mins $50
Neck 15 mins $35
Nose 15 mins $20
Sides of face 15 mins $35


Our Cancellation Policy

The Paddington Beauty Room deeply values client relationships.

We pride ourselves on providing you with exclusive beauty services at exemplary standards including in-person or remote advice.

You request that we reserve time to prepare for and provide your services to the exclusion of other clients.

To assist in providing all clients with exclusive beauty services we set that time aside for you on the following terms and conditions:

  1. You provide us with your completed electronic COVID-19 PreScreen form.
  2. You pay us the notified deposit amount.
  3. We credit that amount to the total charge for the services provided during your appointment.
  4. If you don’t attend your appointment we keep the deposit at our absolute discretion, however we will refund it when:
    • You notify us no later than our trading day before that you no longer require the appointment – our trading days are Tuesdays to Saturdays excluding public
      holidays; or
    • Your health precludes you attending for your or others’ safety.
  5. All our appointment related terms and conditions have effect subject to NSW law including the Australian Consumer Law and are valid except to the extent of any contravention.