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Waxing Lyrical

Just like oils aint oils waxes are not waxes. The quality of your hair removal can be put down to the quality of the wax over the service provider. Did I hear a  gasp?

So few people; actually realize the importance of good wax. A great wax has a very high quality resin which gives the wax flexibility, pliability and grip. A cheap resin dries and cracks very easily which means hairs are often broken during the process instead of being pulled out cleanly.

How can you tell if a salon uses high quality waxes before you walk in the door? Firstly their pricing structure will be the first give away. Cheap means cheap. Secondly they are mostly likely to work with the waxing companies themselves and offer good pre and post waxing treatment and proudly tell you.

What are the signs of a great waxer? Sadly this is hard to work out before lying on the bed. A great waxer always checks the area for hair length and suitability and will give advice if the hair is not long enough etc. They will also check that the skin is not too dry and will prepare you properly prior to wax if so. When they wax you should hear a sweet swish sound versus a cruchy sound. They should always support the skin and in the case of strip wax ensure there is good contact with the cloth and the wax before pulling.  In the case of hot wax a good quality hot wax is pliable and takes a little longer to set however one set it has a great grip a great waxer knows this and does not try and pull early.

If you are getting early regrowth and have to wax overly regularly then you may want to try a salon with a better quality wax.