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What to do other than eye cream

1. Have your brows shaped and tinted to give them greater definition. Brows should be not too arched; otherwise they can make you look tired, also the more skin visible between their lashes and brow, the more tired a person looks.
2. Have your lashes tinted monthly to make them look longer. Often the tips of the lashes lack colour and, therefore, the lashes look shorter. Also, once lashes are tinted they swell to hold the colour, which makes them appear thicker.
PRO TIP: If you have cloudy eyes, try having your lashes tinted blue (don’t panic, they will look black). The blue tint reflects into the eyeball and helps the eyes appear whiter and clearer.
3. LiLash: This daily treatment stimulates the lashes to grow thicker, longer and healthier. This is an ideal product for people with lash extensions to keep the natural hair in their lashes strong.
4. Have a LashLift it creates a gentle flattering surl that opens the eyes.

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