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When a rose is not a girl’s best friend

A rose is not a girl’s best friend when it is a shower rose. OK I know it is cold and there is nothing like a hot shower to warm the bones, however keep your face out. I am surprised how many people put the face directly under the shower. I am not sure if it makes people feel free by imagining being in some waterfall somewhere tropical, or what is going on. It is has never been a particular habit of mine, so I am not entirely sure the reasoning.

What I do know is that those of you who do place their face in front of the shower rose are putting their face in harm’s way. The pressures combined with the water can severely dry out the skin. It is very visible on the skin when clients come in. So visible in fact, that you can often see a neat circle of damage on the skin. The water strips the skin of its delicate protective barrier which robs the natural lipids. Once the skin is vulnerable like this it is exposed to extreme moisture loss. The skin can look pink, flaky, quilted and puckered and sometimes the skin cells look a little silvery grey over the pink.

After continual abuse the skin can become very stressed. I have seen the condition been misdiagnosed as rosacea. On a simpler note the skin feels rough and uncomfortable. For some people depending on their normal skin type it create more congestion and blackhead or to the other extreme of causing a sensitivity.  More delicate skins can also see capillaries becoming damaged which can become permanent broken capillaries.

From my experience men are also the biggest culprits of this habit. However this is one area that equality almost reins.

So what to do? Step one STOP putting your face directly under the shower. It is OK to splash up or let the water hit your scalp and run down. There are no other steps!

To help your skin recover put on a good hydrating/nourishing mask every couple of days until the skin has rebalanced. Be careful not to exfoliate the area until you have replenished the skin fully. If you exfoliate too area you will unfortunately just aggravate the situation. Once the skin is healthy again enjoy a good exfoliation and things should be back to normal.

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