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Who should you go to bed with?

Going to bed with a mask on is very common; however, I question the logic. The skin would get far greater treatment by having a mask and night cream applied than a mask alone.

Today’s technology in skincare means that we need to shift our thinking in how use and recommend products. Night creams have vastly increased in technology and the benefits they deliver. Night creams do more than be more nourishing; nowadays they work with the functions of the skin that happen when we are at rest. They also can contain some of the “super” ingredients like AHA’s, Vitamin C and Retinol.

Masks on the other hand due to the dense formulation can be too thick on the skin for long applications. They are designed to be fast boosts for the skin. They are designed to be taken off. They are not designed to be night creams.

To get the greatest results for your skin I highly recommend giving your skin the benefits of a night cream and a mask to keep it in tip top condition.

Just like every good rule here is the exception; if the only way you can find time to mask then it is better to apply it as night cream and go to bed (not every night). I know our busy schedule make beauty routines harder and harder. When it comes to masks it is about finding time to do it with other jobs….multi-task!

Some suggestion on multi-tasking time for masking: when you come home for the day go and immediately cleanse your skin and pop on a mask, open a glass of wine and cook dinner (wine optional), during bath-time with the kids (if they are young enough), hydrating mask can be used in the shower while washing your hair, when reading a book or emails, while watching TV.