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Whoopsie hows your tootsies!

Summer feet! If you look down at your feet right now how dry and calloused are they? In summer we tend to wear thongs and sandals which are very high impact on our feet, which in turn dries them and toughens them. The hard impact stimulates a normal body response to protect and therefore the skin starts to build a protective barrier – Calluses!

If that was not bad enough, we also get lazy in the heat and stop drying our feet, we let them air dry.  I know I am guilty as charged! What happens when water is left on the skin it draws the moisture in the skin out causing massive dehydration. Have you ever sat in a bath or swimming pool for too long and you got that “prune” skin? It is a common mistake to think that the skin has swollen by absorbing the water and that is what causes that prune effect. Unfortunately it is the exact opposite that the moisture in the skin has been attracted to the water and been drawn out. This is what happens on the feet when they have been left to air dry, leaving the feet dry and rough. In the worst case it can create cracking of the heals.

Summer is the toughest time on our poor old feet due to the above habits. Now we are in the middle of summer, it is time to give some lovin’ to our tootsies. So what can you do?

One…… book in for a pedicure let the experts get their hands on those poor old feet. It saves all that bending over in complicated yoga positions, plus you get a great massage which you just cannot do to yourself. When I say professional I am also not talking about those nail bars. With feet in their worse condition you need a qualified therapist. Someone who knows how to trim nails without causing ingrown nails, who can treat the cuticles without causing hang nail and finally who use disposable pedi files and practice high hygiene standards and finally an expert in painting and ensuring your polish has been applied properly to ensure a great length of time between treatments. You should not have to have your feet done more than once a month.

Two….use a pedi paddle and foot cream regularly, especially in summer. A common mistake is to use a pedi paddle and then not applying a nourishing foot treatment afterwards. That is like cleansing your skin without moisturising. It is the ying and yang of life, do not take without giving! Pedi paddles need to be washed thoroughly after use so a bacterium does not build up with all those yummy dead cells. I personally highly recommend the pedi paddle from OPI. I love this product because it has two strengths on the file; one side is to reduce the other then is to polish smooth. The paddle is also curved which allows easy access to different areas on the feet, as your feet are not flat.

Three….go to bed with a nice yummy foot cream. It means your skin can absorb all the riches while sleeping and saves slippery feet when walking. Look for products that have Shea butter in it, such a beautiful rich nourishing ingredient. Also you can look for foot creams with peppermint in them; peppermint helps reduce inflammation and soreness.

If you are one of these people who suffer from swollen feet in summer (or any other time really) try using your loofah on a dry skin. Gently use the loofah in a circular motion from toes to your knees, and then elevate them. I do this after flying.

Your feet do the most strenuous work of any body part. Just like anyone who works hard they deserve a little TLC!

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