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Why are facials just so good?

The Paddington Beauty Room philosophy is on the full experience
Our principals founded in 30+ years of experience.
· We embrace the long-term goals over short term satisfaction
· We advocate at-home-solutions with our professional treatments
· We educate and motivate our clients
· We teach the skin to perform to its greatest potential
The power of massage has been underestimated, undervalued and perceived as only “pampering”. The power to physically change the skin and its appearance while massaging is addictive for a therapist and is far more than pampering.
The same way when dough is kneaded to cause gluten strands to become longer and stronger massaging the skin can also have an effect. When kneading dough, the two proteins—gliadin and glutenin—combine to form gluten. When bread dough is first mixed together, the proteins are mangled and knotted in no particular order. But as the dough is kneaded, the proteins line up to form giant chains of amino acids, creating a matrix within the dough itself.
In the skin we have two proteins – collagen and elastin – that are part of what forms the skins density and elasticity. When massaged both proteins are increased improving the skin’s plumpness or volume and lift or firming.
This in turn improves
· Skin’s texture,
· Reduces depth and width of lines and wrinkles
· Increase skins firmness reducing sagging which improves jaw definition and and reduces the nasolabial fold (marionette lines)
But wait there is more…………
Massage also

· Improves muscle memory which improves skin contour and tautness
· Increase blood circulation which makes the skin healthy and glowy
· Increase lymphatic drainage which removes toxins and waste that rob our health and beauty which makes the skin refreshed and youthful
· It improves product penetration and action within the skin
When we combine the results of a therapeutic facial massage with advanced skincare, we end up with WOW RESULTS!
And best of all you as a client get to enjoy it!

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