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Winter Skin Saving Advice

There are many factors that contribute to the drying and dehydration of skin during the winter months. Firstly, oil does not travel as easily across the skin like it does in summer. Just think of a knob of butter in a frypan. Secondly, in very cold climates the water present in the skin can freeze and then chaps. Thirdly our diet changes as we have more processed foods and less fruits and vegetables.

What concerns me most about winter skin is how many people reach for their exfoliators instead of a moisturising mask. I have had more questions regarding microdermabrasion treatments in the last few weeks. As much as removing the dry dead cells that are not lubricated seems like the best step, in fact it is almost the worst thing you can do. To exfoliate a dry skin you also remove any natural lipids from the surface of the skin at a time when every little bit is needed.

To treat winter skin and restore it to an optimal condition you need to nourish and feed your skin.  At home rather than attempting to do this by changing your moisturisers try masking more regularly. In winter normal to dry skin can mask up to 3 times a week, an oily skin 1-2 a week. When using a hydrating mask you can use it while showering or multi-task and pop it on when cooking, or bathing the kids. When applying a mask most people apply to liberally. Moisturising masks do not need to be thick to work. I recommend applying all masks so the skin looks glossy and covered versus thick and opaque.

Most of the time winter skin does need more professional help. A skin treatment in a beauty salon gives the skin a complete restore. In salon we combine effective products with professional massage techniques to alleviate dryness and improve cell stimulation. Massage is more than just a feel good moment. Highly experienced therapists are trained to manipulate and stimulate the skin to increase bio-synthesis, cell renewal, collagen stimulation, lymphatic drainage and maximise product penetration.

If you’re feeling the cold your skin is feeling the blues time book your next facial.