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You have to hand it to us

As the beauty specialists who perform your manicures and pedicures, we are the protectors of your nails and the guardians of healthy nail beds. I am sure that some of our clients don’t even notice the steps we take and the products we choose. Others may have noticed and wondered about them. Here is an explanation of what we do and why we do it:
1. Cuticle exfoliant—We use cuticle exfoliant instead of soaking the cuticles because when the skin absorbs water it swells, becoming very fragile and prone to ripping. Soaking cuticles is very often the cause of hangnails. Using an exfoliant instead softens the cuticle, allowing us to push back the excess without removing build up along the nail bed. It also means we don’t need to trim excessively.
2. Dry pedicures—We don’t soak our clients’ feet before their pedicures for three main reasons. The first one is that, as described above, we don’t want the cuticles to absorb water. Secondly, the two pedi-paddles we use are more effective on dry skin and this prevents the excessive removal of skin that causes heels to crack. Thirdly, not soaking the feet stops contamination and the spread of feet fungi and bacteria—these bad guys just thrive in warm, damp places.
3. OPI Gel—Not all gels are created equal. The majority of so-called gels out there are hybrids, which means they are a blend of a gel and lacquer. These formulations require UV light for 2 minutes to set—yup, think age spots on your hands. OPI’s formulation is pure gel, which requires setting only with LED light for 30 seconds. OPI gel can also be soaked off using 16% acetone remover versus the 100% remover required to soak off the UV-light-set ‘gels’. Pure acetone dries and weakens the nails, causing breakages. When applying OPI gels we don’t need to buff the nails to aid adhesion, ensuring the nails stay strong and resilient. We also don’t need to buff the nails when removing OPI gels. Currently, OPI gels are the premium product in the market. They will not only last twice as long as a normal lacquer but they also work like a hard-hat for the nails, protecting them and making them stronger.
4. Infinite Shine—OPI has improved the technology of the humble nail lacquer after soooo many years. Infinite Shine dries in five minutes and sets in 20. It lasts longer than old-style lacquer but not, of course, as long as an OPI gel. If you are one of those who pick off your gel colour instead of soaking it off, Infinite Shine maybe your nails’ new best friend. You’ll be happy to know that OPI is reproducing all the most popular colours from their old nail-lacquer range in this great new formula.

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